Chapters 15-17 (Chemical Equilibrium)

Chapter 15 (Chemical Equilibrium)

Chapter 15 Syllabus

Ch. 15 Summary & Practice (Kenston login required)

Khan Academy-Chemical Equilibrium

PhET Simulation-Reversible Reactions

Chapter 15 Vocab Quizlet

Virtual Chemistry Experiments & Tutorials

Chapter 16 (Acid-Base Equilibria)

Chapter 16 Syllabus

Ch. 16 Summary & Practice (Kenston login required)

Khan Academy-Acids and Bases

Chapter 16 Vocab Quizlet

Chapter 17 (Additional Aspects of Aqueous Equilibria)

Chapter 17 Syllabus

Ch. 17 Summary & Practice (Kenston login required)

Solving for the pH of a Buffer Solution(Sect. 17.2)(Molly H)

Weak Acid-Strong Base Titration Probs.(Sect.17.3)(Delaney B)

Khan Academy-Buffers, Titrations, and Solubility Equilibria

Chapter 17 Vocab Quizlet

VLab – Acid-Base Chemistry (Titrations) (good thru 8/20)

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