Unit 2 (Chapter 2): Measurements and Calculations

Chapter 2 syllabus

SI Base and Derived Units

SI (Metric) Prefixes

PhET Simulation- Density

Student Video (Louis):  Units of Measurement

Ted-Ed Video – What’s the difference between accuracy and precision? (Matt Anticole)

VLab: Density

NSTA SciLinks (click on the link and choose any of the following topics by entering the appropriate code):  Topic(code): Scientific Methods(HC61359), SI Units(HC61390) & Significant Figures(HC61392)

Chemtutor: How To Excel In Chemistry (tutorials)

Chemtutor: Numbers and Math Operations (tutorials & practice problems)

Chemtutor: Units, Measures & Dimensions (tutorials & practice problems)

ChemTeam: Metric System

ChemTeam: Significant Figures, Density & Scientific Notation