Unit 6 (Chapters 6-7): Chemical Formulas and Bonding

Unit 6 (Ch. 6-7) Syllabus

Common Ions Table

Common Ions To Be Memorized Quizlet

Common Ions Quizlet

Four Classes Of Compounds

Chemical Nomenclature Tree

NSTA SciLinks (click on the link and choose any of the following topics by entering the appropriate code):  Topic(code): Covalent Bonding(HC60363), Ionic Bonding(HC60815), Metallic Bonding(HC60944), VSEPR Theory(HC61621), Hydrogen Bonding(HC60777), Chemical Formulas(HC60271), Acids(HC60012) & Photochemical Reaction(HC61137)

Chemtutor: Compounds (tutorials & practice problems)

Quizlet: Ion Flashcards

ChemTeam: Nomenclature (tutorials, links and practice problems)

ChemTeam: Bonding & Isomerism

PhET Simulation(HTML Chromebook friendly version)-Build a Molecule

PhET Simulation-Build a Molecule (Requires Javascript)

Molecular Modeling Simulation (molview.org)

PhET Simulation-Molecule Polarity

PhET Simulation-Molecule Shapes

PhET Simulation – Molecule Shapes:Basic