Unit 3 – Atomic and Electronic Structure

Unit 3-Syllabus



Unit 3 Quizlet

Printable Periodic Table-B/W

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (NASA)

PhET Simulation-Build an Atom

PhET Simulation-Isotopes and Atomic Mass

PhET Simulation-Models of the Hydrogen Atom

PhET Simulation-Neon Lights and Other Discharge Lamps

PhET Simulation-Photoelectric Effect

PhET Simulation-Rutherford Scattering

PhET Simulation-Waves on a String

The History of Atomic Chemistry: Crash Course Chemistry #37

Student Video (Measure/Rios) – The Atom

Student Video (Pagon/Toth) – Electronic Theories

Student Video (Kirschman/Speece) – Electron Configurations

Student Video (Beal/Burg) – Valence Electrons

TED-Ed Video – The 2,400-year search for the atom (Theresa Doud)

Ted-Ed Video – Just How Small is an Atom?

VLab – Atomic Structure

VLab – Electronic Transitions (requires Java)

NSTA SciLinks (click on the link and choose any of the following topics by entering the appropriate code):  Topic(code):  Element Names(HC60495), Atomic Theory(HC60120), Carbon(HC60214), Subatomic Particles(HC61473), Isotopes(HC60820), Electromagnetic Spectrum(HC60482), Photoelectric Effect(HC61138) & William Ramsay(HC1666)

Chemtutor: Atomic Structure (tutorials)

ChemTeam: Atomic Structure

ChemTeam: Electrons, Spectroscopy & Electromagnetic Radiation