Unit 4 – The Periodic Table

Unit 4 – Syllabus


Instructional Google Slides (by Alex A)(*Make a copy and use as needed.):  How To Color Your Periodic Table of Elements

Ptable.com (Dynamic Periodic Table for WebQuest Lab 6-1)

Unit 4 Quizlet

Khan Academy – The Periodic Table

Single-Replacement Rxn. of Potassium with Water (Demo)

Student Video (Castro/Hart) – (Syll. #1) Development of the Periodic Table

Student Video (Drcar/Roman) – (Syll. # 5) Metals, Nonmetals & Semimetals

Student Video (Mercer/Nelson) – (Syll. #6) Metals

Video-(Syll. #6A) Alkali Metals In Water

Video-(Syll. #6D) Rare Earth Elements (Transition Metals) on 60 Minutes

Video-(Syll. #7B) Sodium’s Explosive Reactions With The Halogens

(Syll. #8C) Writing Electron Configurations using the Periodic Table (link)

Student Video (Gabram/Rini) – (Syll. #9) Periodic Trends

Student Video (Henry/Joyce) – (Syll. #9A) Atomic Radius

Student Video (Kure/Obringer) – (Syll. #9C) Ionic Radius

Simpsons’ Periodic Table Video

Periodic Table of Tech

Video-Periodic Table Girl on Ellen

Video-Periodic Table Girl on Ellen 2

PBS-Hunting The Elements(Nova) Video

PBS-Hunting The Elements ipad app

NSTA SciLinks (click on the link and choose any of the following topics by entering the appropriate code):  Topic(code):  Periodic Table(HC61125), Noble Gases(HC61038), Alkali Metals(HC60043), Alkaline-Earth Metals(HC60044) & Halogens(HC60710)

RSC Visual Periodic Table

QR Code Periodic Table

The ORIGINAL Periodic Table Song (Tom Lehrer)

NEW Periodic Table Song

Chemtutor: Periodic Table (tutorials)

Chemtutor: Elements (informational)