Unit 5 – Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature

Unit 5 Syllabus

Common Ions Table

Common Ions To Be Memorized Quizlet

Common Ions Quizlet





Four Classes Of Compounds

Chemical Nomenclature Tree

Unit 5 Quizlet

PhET Simulation(HTML Chromebook friendly version)-Build a Molecule

PhET Simulation-Build a Molecule (Requires Javascript)

Molecular Modeling Simulation (molview.org)

PhET Simulation-Molecule Polarity

PhET Simulation-Molecule Shapes

PhET Simulation – Molecule Shapes:Basic

Student Video (Khan/Tackitt) – Chemical Bonding & Ions

Student Video (Hawk/Klotz) – Ionic Compounds Formulas & Nomenclature

Student Video (Beeman/Curtis/Gormley) – Ionic Compounds & Hydrates

Student Video (Glime/Movva) – Hydrocarbons, Hydrates & Acids

Student Video (Kassouf/McShane) – Molecules

Student Video (Byrnes/Herbruck) – Acids

NSTA SciLinks (click on the link and choose any of the following topics by entering the appropriate code):  Topic(code): Covalent Bonding(HC60363), Ionic Bonding(HC60815), Metallic Bonding(HC60944), VSEPR Theory(HC61621), Hydrogen Bonding(HC60777), Chemical Formulas(HC60271), Acids(HC60012) & Photochemical Reaction(HC61137)

Chemtutor: Compounds (tutorials & practice problems)

Quizlet: Ion Flashcards

ChemTeam: Nomenclature (tutorials, links and practice problems)

ChemTeam: Bonding & Isomerism