Uni Updates

Sign up for the Fall 2019 class asap. I also hope to make a couple extra special trips to Beartown Lakes (with parental permission and transportation) for those advanced riders.

Start\End Date: 8/29/2019-10/17/2019 (No class 9/19, 9,26, 10/3)
Start\End Time: 2:45 PM-4:30 PM
Day(s) of week: Thursday



The entire season $25.00
*Discounted price (If you bring your own uni) $15.00
*Pay At The Door $5/week



An asterisk (*) denotes an optional fee.
Prerequisites: $25 includes rental, $15 if you provide your unicycle, $5 drop-in fee


We meet at the Student Parking Lot entrance to the Main Gym.